What chip is in a transponder key?

The RFID micro-chip is a device used to prevent theft. It sends a signal to the immobilizer, which then starts the car. If the digital serial number isn’t recognized by the immobilizer, it will not disengage itself. So basically, even if they could access the vehicle somehow or other – thieves would still be unable start it. For this reason programming must correspond with code that resides in cars’ systems. What chip is in a transponder key?

What chip is in a transponder key?

The chip inside key disengages immobilizer to let car start when right key is used.

Can I program chip keys myself? Most people ask this question but we don’t advise it. Reach out to an automotive locksmith professional who can program it for you.

Transponder Keys vs Non-Transponder Keys

The picture below shows two different types of keys – one has micro-chip while other doesn’t have any chips at all; hence they look dissimilar from each other. Programming is necessary before chip key begins working unlike metal keys.

How to know if your key has a Chip

Most auto manufacturers have incorporated transponder keys into their anti-theft system. However not all older model vehicles may come equipped with this feature yet some might not still be having these kind of safety measures at all even today so it’s better first establish whether your specific type falls under such category or not depending on its make year etcetera.

Alternatively you can call up your regular locksmith service provider or dealership and give them details about what type of car do you drive along with its year make model number so as enable them determine whether indeed yours requires use of chip key or otherwise based purely upon that information alone without necessarily having any physical inspection done on site where vehicle may be located presently at time being even though most dealerships ought to have such records already available within their database systems which they use in managing customer requests pertaining matters relating replacement keys among other things too especially those involving security features like immobilizers.

If you use a metal key to start your car, then it does not have a transponder.

Older non-transponder vehicles cannot be upgraded to use transponder keys because they do not contain built-in immobilizer systems. Conversely, if your car has chip key capability and is used with non-transponder keys, the vehicle will not start.

How much does it cost to replace a chip key? Why are they so expensive?

The price of transponder keys varies depending on the year make model. While this may be true that they are more costly than traditional metal ones, there’s also added functionality which comes at an additional expense. So yes – higher charges reflect increased security levels offered by these types of devices together with labor intensive programming processes too.

However when compared against newer types such as smart remote head smart keys or fob controls; it still remains relatively cheaper since these latter options provide much greater convenience features like remote access starting among others which require higher investments due programmability complexity associated with them in addition their ability serve multiple vehicles simultaneously thereby reducing unit costs per car significantly overall resulting into relatively lower average expenditure amounts per single replacement compared against traditional counterparts amongst other factors as well thereby making choice between different versions based mainly upon specific needs requirements individual users rather than just cost considerations alone without taking all aspects into account fully.