Ignition lock repair in Dallas TX

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When talking about ignition repair or replacement, there are two important aspects to consider.

Ignition switch: This is the part of the ignition where you insert the key and turn it to start the car.

Electronic ignition: This consists of electronic components that provide power to the starter.

Depending on the type of vehicle, the ignition system can be configured as a single unit or separately.

The ignition lock cylinder is the mechanism into which the key mates, allowing the car to start and other electrical components to operate. Do you have to wiggle the key a few times to turn the lock? Signs of a faulty ignition include the tumbler shifting inside the cylinder or the key not turning at all.

ignition lock repair

Why does the ignition cylinder lock break?

Ignition switches are mostly made of metal. Metal can wear out over time. Frequent use or something as simple as a heavy set of keys can cause the tumbler to shift or break, causing damage. This damage can only be quickly and cost-effectively repaired, repaired, or replaced by a qualified auto locksmith. Even if your ignition switch or car keys break, you don’t want to be locked out of your car.

Think twice before taking your car to the dealership for ignition repair. The main goal of a car dealer is to make as much money as possible. In some cases, this means charging for parts or services you don’t need. For example, if a slightly damaged ignition switch can be repaired at a locksmith for less than $200, most dealers will try to convince you to buy a completely new ignition system. Additionally, no one charges more labor costs than a car dealership. You may be considering waiving your mortgage payments.

The certified auto locksmiths at Christian Locksmith Dallas have the expertise to perform ignition replacements without dazzling you. Our work is done efficiently and cost-effectively, and in most cases does not affect your vehicle’s warranty.