I turned on MyKey on my Ford and can’t get it off

Ford Key Fob Programming Instructions

If you would like to be able to lock and unlock your car remotely, follow these Ford key fob programming instructions. Some Ford key fobs also offer remote start. I turned on MyKey on my Ford and can’t get it off!

I turned on MyKey on my Ford and can't get it off

Make sure that all car doors are closed. Then, open the driver-side door by pressing the UNLOCK button on this door.

Turn the key very quickly from OFF to RUN in the ignition eight times. You must complete this within 10 seconds, ending on RUN.

Your door locks should cycle between lock and unlock if successful; they will not do so if unsuccessful (you will have to try again by turning the key faster).

Take the Ford key fob that you want to program and press any button – you must do this within eight seconds of entering the cycle mode mentioned above. The door locks will cycle again, confirming that the key fob is programmed and ready for use.

Do you have another Ford key fob that needs programming? You need only follow these same instructions as above – press any button on the remote within eight seconds. This can be repeated as many times as needed; turn the ignition key off when finished.

How to Program Ford MyKey – I turned on MyKey on my Ford and can’t get it off

If you have a specific Ford MyKey that you want to program, here’s what you need to do:

Use the key that you want to program to turn on the car.

Access the Main Menu using your touchscreen interface, then go to Settings.

Select the MyKey option and then follow this with Create MyKey.

Press OK so as to register this key under a MyKey.

Change any MyKey restrictions you want under the MyKey menu by selecting the features that need changing.

After being programmed, each time this new Ford MyKey is used in a car it will restrict speed limits, volume settings and more.

Do You Need a Ford Key Fob Battery Replacement? I turned on MyKey on my Ford and can’t get it off

While it is good to know how to program a Ford Key fob, sometimes what you need is a fresh Ford key fob battery replacement. If your Ford key fob does not respond when pressed, chances are its battery has died out. It might be wise for you to check whether or not this is true before going ahead with getting an entirely new fob – they cost more money and involve another round of learning how-to-program-a-key-fob-for-Ford activities.

To regain control over your Ford key fob programming, you will have to be patient and find a CR2032 3V battery. The Ford key fob battery replacement can be done by tearing the fob apart, but most customers prefer having our professionals do it for them. Our team will give you a new battery and teach you how to program a key fob for Ford in no time so that you can get back on your regular drive.