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Vintage Jensen Keycrafter for sale. This machine is in very good condition. With manuals and tools, this is a collector code machine. The machine is #291 of the 1st series produced. Mr. Jensen passed away in 1983. As far as I’m concerned, it has to be one of the most accurate code machines ever built. The Framon key machine would stand in 2nd place as far as code machines go. I can arrange shipping if needed.

Jensen Micro-Dial Key Machine For Sale


I can send more detailed pictures by text or email. This is a very nice machine! Call me anytime for questions about this machine. I will also post a video on Youtube!

Hardcover binder, 9″ x 7″, containing micro-specs for key makers…a treasure trove of information on all the famous manufacturers including Arrow Auto Parts Inc., Authotype Corporation (makers of auth copy paper) , Chrysler Corp.. The machine comes with code cards and original wrench! Mr. Jensen handcrafted these key machines in Youngstown, Ohio.

Vintage Key Cutting Machines

Many antique key-cutting machines are still in use today. Some of these machines are over 100 years old and are still working perfectly. Many people who collect keys and locksmiths use these machines to create new keys.

One of the most popular vintage key-cutting machines is the hand-cranked machine. This machine was first invented in the late 1800s and was used by locksmiths to cut keys for homes and businesses. The Jensen Micro-Dial is still being used by locksmiths today.

Another popular vintage key-cutting machine is the motorized key machine. Most of the new machines on the market today are driven by AI. AI continues to take over the locksmith industry. This can drive a lot of older locksmiths to retire because of the difficult understanding of AI.

Vintage key machines are becoming more sought after in the last 10 years. The can still cut most modern keys today with a depth and spacing chart.

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